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Medical Devices

Medical devices have become an increasingly important health care area in relation to their impact on health and health care expenditure. The sector covers some 8000 types of products, ranging from simple bandages and spectacles, through life maintaining implantable devices, equipment to screen and diagnose disease and health conditions, to the most sophisticated diagnostic imaging and minimal invasive surgery equipment. In the next few years, medical technology innovations will fundamentally transform the health care delivery system, providing new solutions with medical devices that will challenge existing paradigms and revolutionize the way treatments are administered. With the help of many scientific and technology breakthroughs, the pace of medical invention is accelerating, inspiring hope for better clinical outcomes with less invasive procedures and shorter recovery times, all in lower cost settings. There are powerful forces at work that are driving rapid fundamental change in healthcare delivery These changes will drive demand for new lower cost diagnosis, monitoring and treatment procedures. Medical devices that offer less invasive treatment options, with better clinical outcomes and shorter recovery times, will create tremendous value in the next few years.